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TSC Software Arrangements:


All component software products are available for purchase and use on your own computer hardware. There is an initial purchase price and a charge for maintenance and new releases. Click Operating Environment to see a sample configuration for in-house operation.


All software is also available for rent. You can access our server from any PC attached to the internet. Your data is stored on our server and you pay a convenient monthly processing fee on a per account basis. Click Operating Environment to see how the rental plan works and what you need for access.


Benefits IS™ provides complete administration of flexible benefits plans permitted by Section 125 and others. It supports spending account plans or more complex "benefit dollar" designs. The system allocates contributions across an unlimited number of benefit choices. Benefits IS does all relevant discrimination tests. Benefit checks may be written to the employee and/or provider.


IRA IS™ is designed for use by trust departments, insurance companies, the retail side of financial institutions, and others who administer individually directed IRA or sole proprietor KEOGH plans. It includes all tax and 5498 reporting.


Plan IS™ is a participant level recordkeeping system designed for the administration of defined contribution plans like 401(k) and 403(b). This software is for private employers, bank trust departments, law firms, third party administrators and others providing retirement account administration. Plan IS supports daily valuation as well as conventional non-unit based assets. The product includes participant inquiry and account change capability from your website or VRU.


Trust IS™ is a complete personal and employee benefit trust accounting system designed for bank trust departments, third party administrators and others who provide recordkeeping services for the trust industry. It is the foundation for all of the TSC products and is included when using IRA IS, Plan IS and Probate IS. Trust IS has web enabled features for account inquiry and customer information.

If you have any questions while reviewing our website, please use our typewriter and send e-mail to helpdesk@tscigroup.com

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