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Company Profile

TSCI, Inc. (TSC) began in 1982 to provide trust and employee benefit software for banks, insurance companies, third party administrators, brokerage firms, private employers, and others needing asset management and retirement benefits recordkeeping systems.

Company founders had extensive experience in operating a third-party administration firm, one of the first to apply individual participant-directed, daily valuation record- keeping services for retirement plan administration. The direction of TSC was to create both a trust system and an individual participant recordkeeping system to serve the needs of personal, corporate and employee benefit trust specialists. The family of products that emerged all have an annual release of state-of-the-art enhancements and regulatory updates.

TSC markets its products to customers using IBM iSeries™ servers and those who wish to operate in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment. The IBM iSeries™ server meets the needs of small user operations or larger environments which need to drive several hundred workstations on-line. TSC applications will operate in a local area network or client/server environment when there is an IBM ISeries™ server on the network. Alternatively, TSC offers an ASP environment that outsources the customer's need to provide the computer systems. This is an ideal environment for small to medium size TPAs who need to move to a daily valuation environment or provide their customers with internet access, but lack the resources to commit to capital expenditures for hardware and software.

TSC has both personal and employee benefit trust specialists. They provide shelf-ready software, consulting, conversion, interface, custom programming, and a lot of handholding. In 1988 TSCI was selected to be an IBM Business Partner and is currently a member of their Partners In Development program.


If you have any questions while reviewing our website, please use our typewriter and send e-mail to helpdesk@tscigroup.com

TSCI, Inc.
Trust and Retirement Plan Software
6231 PGA Blvd
Suite 104-159
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
(888) 400-5729

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