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Benefits IS™

During the Great Depression preceding the passage of the Social Security Act, "soup kitchens" provided the only benefits some unemployed Americans had. This particular soup kitchen was sponsored by the Chicago gangster Al Capone.

Benefits IS™ is for the administration of flexible benefit cafeteria plans. It provides accounting for contributions and disbursements. It includes statements and reports supporting both spending account and benefit dollar cafeteria plans. Benefits IS™ integrates with Trust IS™ if there is a need to administer investments that are used to fund self-insured plans. Benefits IS™ also integrates with various payroll systems including JD Edwards. Payroll deductions can be downloaded and check information can be uploaded to accounts payable if desired.

Benefits IS™ has the following features:

  • Contributions can be allocated across an unlimited number of benefit choices. Thus, it can be used to administer benefits that are in addition to Section 125. For example, you might have a medical reimbursement plan that is subject to Section 125 but also a voluntary payroll deduction excess life insurance program that is not subject to Section 125. Both may be included in the same contribution breakdown from payroll.
  • Benefits IS™ includes detailed description and memo capability when it is necessary to document special situations. For example, if you want to note that an employee only received a certain reimbursement amount for dependent care because of a layoff, that can be typed as a memo.
  • History is available on-line for as long as desired. Benefit statements can be reconstructed for past periods whenever necessary. Old history can be purged on a plan by plan basis.
  • Benefits can be paid to either providers or employees as necessary. Check extract files can be sent to an accounts payable system if required.
  • Carrier billing reports are available for benefits that are fully or partially insured.
  • Customized checks and EOB's are included in the purchase price of the software.

If you have any questions while reviewing our website, please use our typewriter and send e-mail to helpdesk@tscigroup.com

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