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Filing New Code Samples

Welcome to the EXTRAS Page. Here we will showcase user-written add-on code, links to sites that should be of interest to TSC Users, and other stuff that just doesn't fit elsewhere. User Group members can e-mail items to be included on this page by using the TSC typewriter.

1099 Pro

  • TSC imports files into the 1099 Pro software to generate tax forms. Here's a link to their site to order annual software releases and forms and some tips on navigation once you get there.

    Click on Small Business in the left hand column.
    Click on the first column (1099 Pro Enterprise) if you can over 250 forms and need to file either electronically or with magnetic media.
    Click on the second column (1099 Pro Personal) if you have under 250 forms and want to file with paper copies.

    If you want to orfer forms, click on Forms & Supplies. We suggest that you purchase the blank perforated paper with appropriate envelopes. You can print all copies for one participant on a page, fold it, and mail in the window envelopes.

FT Interactive Data

  • We have a business partner relationship with FT Interactive Data and most of our customers use them for security pricing. Get the latest information directly from their site. For the latest in cost of their service, please contact TSC.

  • For those of you that use our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software, we have provided a direct link to iMessaging Systems! Check out their site for the latest news about changes in the IVR industry and how it integrates with Website design.

Relius Government Forms

  • TSC imports files into the Relius Government Forms software to produce 5500s and SARs. Here's a link to their site and some navigation tips to help you once you are there.

    Click on catalog.
    Click on Relius Government Forms.
    Choose one of the following products:

    The Government Forms 5500 package produces DOL/IRS Form 5500 and related schedules, various 990 forms, PBGC forms, and other form pertinent to these filings for the current and two previous years.

      Form 5500, 5500-EZ, and related schedules
      Schedules A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, P, R, SSA, T
    Forms 990, 900 Schedule A, 990-T
    PBGC Form 1-ES, 1-EZ, Form 1, Form 1 Schedule A
    PBGC Forms 10, 10-Advance, 200
    Forms 2758 (for form year 1999 and prior), 5330, 5558, 8453-E
    Forms 2848, 8821, 8868, SS-4
    Form EFAST-1

    5500 Lite (current form year)
    DOL/IRS Form 5500, 5500-EZ, 5558, and EFAST-1 as well as schedules A, C, D, E, G, H (limit to 5), I, P R, SSA and T. Limit to twelve 5500s. Limited to 25 of each included schedule type (as applicable) per return. No schedule B or PBGC forms.

    5500 Ltd. (current form year)
    DOL/IRS Form 5500, 5500-EZ, 5558, and EFAST-1 as well as schedules A, D, I, P, R, SSA, and T. Limited to five small plan returns, using either the 5550 and/or 5500-EZ. Limited to 25 of each included schedule type (as applicable), per return. Limited to 100 participants per plan. No schedule B, schedule H, or PBGC forms.

Stockholder Consulting Services (SCS)

  • For our customers using Transfer IS to recordkeep their own company stock, we highly recommend SCS. They do seminars throughout the year that are loaded with good information about stock transfer procedures.

If you have any questions while reviewing our website, please use our typewriter and send e-mail to tsc@tscusers.org

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